Are you planning to sell off your old car to the scrap dealer? Well, it wonít fetch you much money. But if you want to make some good profit, then how about giving a brand new look to your old car? It wonít cost you much, plus you will make your car look appealing so as to woo prospective buyers. You can give a new outlook to your used car through car detailing.

Car detailing involves lots of petty works and initially it will look bad, but once it is complete, your car will get a complete new look. Even the wear out parts of your car will look if they have been just bought. The new look of the car detailing process starts with the exterior paint, the paint acts as a protective shield against all external factors and in time all sorts of scratches can appear. Any old car will have a scratch and it will be easily recognizable. So a new paint will give your car a new look and this can only be done with a good spray painting.

Wheels of old cars usually carry black stains caused by the accumulation of tar from brake dust, worn out or damaged tires. Hence to make them look new, carís tires are required to be given extra care. Now about the carís interior detailing. The car interiors usually depends on how old the car is and how you have maintained it. The interior should always look good. Hence minute things are to be taken care of while detailing.